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Time Songs Database
I am trying to compile a list of songs that mention a specific time of day. Wouldn't it be cool to reference a song lyric below the clock when a specific time occurs? This would be an option when viewing the clock however. I'm sure many people could care less that Kip Winger is still thinking about his girlfriend at 6am.

11:55 X
Beyond and Back
"Now it's five to twelve shut up and smoke and i'll go somewhere else"
4:00am Richard Buckner
"It's 4am, and I'm awake again, and not quite high enough"
2:45am Elliott Smith
"it's 2:45 in the morning and I'm putting myself on warning for waking up in an unknown place with a recollection you've half erased"
12:15 Go-Go's
We Got the Beat
"See the kids just getting out of school
They can't wait to hang out and be cool
Hang around 'til quarter after twelve
That's when they fall in line"
7:35 Rolling Stones
Live with Me
"Well they queue up for the bathroom, round about 7:35"
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Rules, rules, rules
  • Stick to songs that mention only ONE specific time within a line of the song. Bill Haley's 'Rock around the Clock' does not work because it mentions several times within the same line of the song.
  • Song titles alone do not count, the lyrics must also include a reference to time in these cases.
  • There must be an actual time (or a day of the week) mentioned in the song! If your hippie-endless-jam-band has lyrics like 'The maple tree flies majestic in the sunset, feel the freedom' and you think that song mentions 7:31pm exactly, you have obviously found a good dealer, but you really aren't helping me out.
  • An exact time (or very approximate time) must be mentioned. 'Four Strong Winds' is a beautiful song, but the lines 'But if you wait until it's winter, It will be no good 'Cause that wind sure can blow way out there.' don't really specify which one of the 131,040 minutes of that isn't good either.
  • 'Judge said 'five to ten', I said 'double that again, I'm not working for the clampdown'' doesn't really work for the time 4:50 because the judge is actually talking about giving Joe Strummer five to ten years of jail time, but Joe thinks that working a desk job is so bad, he would much rather have 10 to 20 years of jail instead. Anyway, my point, just make sure the context of the number is representing a time of day.
  • Please submit the time, artist, song name, and the relevant lyrics before and after the mentioning of the time.
  • The first person to submit the song gets the credit, so don't delay!
  • Please read the list of songs that have been done already. I try and update this list AFAP (as fast as possible), so there is the slight chance that your submission for Coolio's 'County Line' might have already been submitted.
  • Keep in mind that 3rd graders in Belgium look at this site, so no potty words. Actually go ahead and submit your favorite 2 Live Crew or Geto Boys song that mentions a time, but I might not use it right away.
  • The artist/band must be able to be found on or So no using lyrics you wrote on your emotionally crushing breakup with Rod on your Trapper Keeper during Mr. Miles' English Class yesterday.
  • Please include the specifc song and artist. I need more to go on than: 'I heard this song at a party once. The song had something about waking up at seven...the chorus had something a guy named Mr. Brownstown would wouldn't stop bugging him, it was a cool song.'.
  • Do not put in any web urls or your entry will get flagged as spam!
  • If a song has more than one time mentioned in it, you can just paste the relevant lyrics into the box below and I will separate them up when I update the list.
  • Whew
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