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No stupid ads!
This website didn't have them for about 10 years. The site started getting more and more popular and I had to keep upgrading the server. I kept getting kicked out of my old home (NSFW) and having to find a new one. More server costs meant more money going out the door (of my bank account). Apart from that, I spend a considerable amount of my free time maintaining this website, time that could be spent earning money, petting my dog, or addressing that "significant" portion of being my wife's significant other.

Full screen clocks
Run any of the clocks in fullscreen mode.

Audio knob that goes to 11
When you are watching the video clock, don't you wish it could be louder? Well with a premium account it will now go to "11".

"Impression-degraded" clocks
Because there are no ads to be served, there is no point in optimized the clocks to show as many ads as possible. With a premium account, the clock will load once. Rather than reloading the entire page, the clock will just magically refresh itself on screen.

$9.99 per year (365 days). Any dollar amount over that will be pro-rated accordingly.

Please let me know if you have problems trying to pay via PayPal.

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