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Looks like you haven't been here long enough to have wasted any time.
"Pobox Clock"
a.k.a. Send me mail!
PO Box 86013, Portland, OR 97286 USA
Basically I'm doing another version of the clock site, but this one will consist of postcards and letters (sent by you) with the time of your choice written on them in some fashion. I will then photograph the whole works and put it online here. How long this project will take to complete is another story. (Hence I wished I had started it years ago when I first thought of it!)

Just do the following:
  1. On a sheet of paper or postcard, draw out your chosen time. Please make the time readable. Include your name/nickname/city/country/etc if you wish.

    •Mail your letter or postcard to:

    P.O. Box 86013
    Portland, Oregon 97286

    Your postcard/letter must be received by 9-19-2024 to keep the time from ending back up on the available list.


  2. << send another!

  • Adding "am" or "pm" to your submission is not necessary.
  • I have included 24 hour format times in the list for military/European/etc. people who use this system.
  • If there ends up being duplicates for a timeslot I will pick the best one for each. You have 21 days for me to receive your entry otherwise the time goes back onto the list as being available.

  • To keep the lawyer guy happy, all submissions become property of
  • If you lost the mailing address, it is here
  • If you have any questions/etc please contact me.

Examples received at the PO Box:
(What we have below is a postcard I mailed to myself a few years ago during a brief moment when I remembered that I was going to start doing this project years earlier, but you can tell I obviously forgot again since the card is postmarked 2007)

Sample Card

Sample Card